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A weekly online art class

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Saturday at 11am and 2pm 

Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.

(This is the same class repeated)


Cost £7.50

3 classes for £20

Using zoom
I can help you with this if it is new to you

We start off by looking at 20 minutes of art history and so far we have looked at



Matisse and the Fauvists, 

Impressionism and Japanese influences. 

We just have an overview and I give you some pointers to follow up so that you can look in more detail at any artists or ideas you'd like to find out more about. 

Then we go on to do 40 minutes or so of simple drawing exercises and basic colour. You can just come along with whatever materials you have to hand as I know it's difficult to get hold of some things at the moment and also I don't want you to spend lots of money on materials if you're just having a go for the first time.


People with any level of drawing experience are welcome, it's always good to keep practising even simple drawing skills. Most people who have started coming to the classes are beginners but there are also quite a few who have been drawing for a long time. Some are just interested in the art history but are giving the drawing a go and really enjoying it.  

You can book a one off class, you can book week by week or you can book 3 classes together in a plan. 

I run the classes from my studio in Shieldaig. 

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