Lisa's practice is constantly changing and draws on sound, visual and experiential elements. She has a figurative aspect to her work focussed on the remote rural location in the North West of Scotland where she lives and this work is heavily influenced by the dramatic weather and wild landscape of the North West Highlands. There is also an ongoing abstract and conceptual aspect to her practice.


Current work includes a shared photography project 'mumandme' and ongoing work 'Series' is on paper and canvas creating traces and records of movements, imprints of emotions using transient media and materials such as pigment, graphite, watercolour, charcoal, moving thread and tissue papers such as japanese kozo papers juxtaposed with solid acrylic marks. The gestures she uses are instinctive responses to and expressions of an inner emotional  landscape. This often echoes the physical landscape and conditions as well as ongoing world events.  

In the past her practice has focussed on how we experience memory and the passing of time and the inter-relation between our consciousness and duration and she has explored this through sound, video and printmaking. She has tended to use the name Lisa Fenton for her figurative work and Lisa O'Brien for the abstract conceptual work that she has been making over the last 30 years and is currently working towards combining the two in some format. See for more information on conceptual work.