A weekly online art class

Hello. I ran 3 online classes a week throughout lockdown. They seemed to go really well and I loved doing them.

The class is an hour long, on zoom, and we did a little art history and then focussed on some drawing skills. People from beginners to advanced joined in and I really loved doing the classes and seeing everyone each week and their progress.  I'm currently thinking about how to continue the classes in some form that works alongside my painting. So I'm just having a few weeks off but do get in touch if you'd be interested in taking part. 

Class size is maximum 15 participants. 

I am an experienced teacher and lecturer and have a PGCE and qualified teacher status.

Private Tuition

Face to Face or Using zoom

I can help you with zoom if it is new to you

If you are on holiday in the area or live near by and would be interested in arranging an hour long, or half day session you can email me direct to discuss options.


In previous sessions we have started off by looking at 20 minutes of art history and available options might be



Matisse and the Fauvists,

Impressionism and Japanese influences

Women Impressionists


Georgia O'Keefe and Modernism

Abstract Expressionism

We just have an overview and I give you some pointers to follow up so that you can look in more detail at any artists or ideas you'd like to find out more about. 

Then we go on to do 40 minutes or so of simple drawing exercises and basic colour. 


People with any level of drawing experience are welcome, it's always good to keep practising even simple drawing skills. Many people who have started coming to the classes are beginners but there are also quite a few who have been drawing for a long time. Some are just interested in the art history but are giving the drawing a go and really enjoying it.  

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