Blue skies!

The days are noticeably longer even though it's only just coming up to the end of February. It's 5.30pm as I type and it's still daylight out there. The skies have been dramatic this last few weeks and nearly every time I look out of the window I think I should be painting or drawing what I can (or can't quite) see, just to try and capture an impression of what otherwise I'll never see again.

I've just added this water colour above to my website. It's quite an abstract painting of Loch Shieldaig on one of the days when the weather is changing so quickly its hard to make anything out at times with the clouds, the rain and wind blurring and softening and sometimes completely hiding whole swathes of land and sea.

And here's my favourite photo from February so far.

I'm really pleased to have had a few new people sign up to the website mailing list recently. If there's anything in particular you're interested in hearing about, let me know. I'll try and do general posts about new work I think, in case that's what you would like to find out about. Sometimes it sells before I have time to put it on the website. I'm constantly suprised by that and very grateful to my lovely customers for supporting me thank you. I really appreciate it.

I'll also post below a photo of a large oil painting that has just gone off to its new owners, a couple who came into the studio in the Summer and wanted a painting to mark their

honeymoon. It's making it's way towards them right now so fingers crossed they will be happy with it.

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