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April in the Highlands

We're approaching the end of April already and I really hope everyone has been having the same beautiful weather as we've had here. You can just make out the outer Hebrides across Loch Shieldaig and the Minch on the photo above from yesterday and that only happens a few times a year. I've managed to swim a couple of times for the first time this year and the water is incredibly clear and yes, freezing but it's good to get in when the sun is shining.

I've been working on a painting of Aird Cottage. I've done a few versions and it's not quite working yet but here it is so far.

And I've also uploaded several Highland Cow and Bull originals that I know some people have been waiting very patiently for, thank you, follow this link to see more

I started the online classes using zoom last week. I've managed to get the WiFi to reach to the studio and I started off with one class on a Saturday morning and next week I have three classes running! I though it was a good idea to add them while there is the interest and people are still unable to get out and about. They're an hour long and a combination of 20 minutes art history introduction to Modern Art and 40 minutes drawing skills. I'm still learning how to use the technology and how to adapt teaching to an online class but it's really nice to see people! Lots of people are beginners and I'm trying to do activities that suit a range of abilities. It's great to see people's work at the end of the session and I'm hoping lots of people will start a little sketch book or collection of sketches and bring them along if/when they come back next week. If you're interested but the class you'd like to join is full please get in touch.

You can book here. At the moment you'll need to sign up for each class separately. There are 8-10 places in each class. Or you can email me direct

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