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Well, what to say? Art classes anyone?

Hello. Where to begin? Here we are, in a seemingly completely different world from when I posted a few weeks go. I haven't known quite how to approach starting this post as so much has changed for so many of us. I'm writing, in my studio, on a beautifully sunny Spring day but even here in the remote North West Highlands the quiet is noticeable.

For now I'm looking at new ways of working in the studio. I've added a few new works to the website under the link April 2020 in the online shop.

And, I thought I'd offer three weeks of online art classes. They'll be a hour long on a Saturday morning at 11am to begin with. I will use the app Zoom to do the sessions and there is a free 20 minute session that you can sign up for to have a go at using this before the class. The class will look at a specific painter and the period of art history they are from for 20 mins and then for 40 minutes we'll look at learning some basic drawing skills to start with.

Once I get an idea of what interest there may be I can adapt classes to suit. If you're interested you can book here , bear with me on the booking technicalities. At the moment you'll need to sign up for each class seperately. After three hours of trying to fathom block booking today I've given up! There are 8 places in each class. Should by any chance, the class have filled up I'll put an option to join a waiting list on the booking page. Or you can email me direct

Here's an oyster catcher that I've just put into the website shop as well as another watercolour landscape of Loch Shieldaig. This is one of a series of three that I've been working on. The first one sold from the website after my last blog post, and I promised I'd put this one up as when it was ready.

Below - click on images for direct links to website

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