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Hello all,

I'm just back in Shieldaig after a few weeks away (more below) . The painting above seems to capture what I have returned to. Steely grey skies reflected in the loch and burnt orange bracken, peat and pale yellow grasses

I'm a little bit late this year with my Xmas card, but here it is. A red squirrel, different from my usual style as they are exceptionally cute and so this has soften the drawing. Let's see what you think........

I’ve also got a new oyster catcher on a textured card from an original pen and ink drawing. I wanted to try this as it looks closer to the original paper that the drawing was done on and I think it does work well. I was really surprised at how big the oyster catchers are when you see them close up, hopping about on the rocks, and then flying directly over us at times as we were swimming in Loch Shieldaig this year. I’ve often seen them bobbing down on the grass along the seafront sheltering from the strong winds but hadn’t really appreciated how tall they are before.

This has been an extraordinary year for everyone. I have been away for the last few weeks, despite the travel restrictions, as I have been visiting, helping to care for and sadly attending the funeral of my very special sister in law Carol who had cancer. I’ve done a lot of sketching over the last few weeks whilst I've been away from home and I’ll post a few below. For me sketching works as a record of time, as a way of processing events, as a meditation and as a way to express how I'm feeling about something, even when I don't yet know myself sometimes. I'd be really interested to hear how you use it, if you sketch too.

And now I’m back home, with the Winter months ahead, and time in the studio. I'll keep you posted.......

A walk yesterday morning, 10.30am and the sun just behind Beinn Damph.


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