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Hello! I hope this finds you all well.

After incredible sunsets, morning frosts, balmy winds and sunshine sparkling on the loch we're now in the middle of 4 or 5 days of very strong winds. Otherwise it’s still incredibly quiet here in the Highlands with Scotland on lockdown for the time being. I’ve continued to do the online art classes three times a week and they’ve been really well attended. I’m enjoying seeing people!

After the 20 minutes mini art history talk everyone has had a go at all the varied art exercises we’ve tried from German Expressionist portraits in charcoal to Impressionist views from their windows and this week collages and photomontages inspired by Dada. So many people consider themselves beginners so I’m even more grateful for their willingness to jump in at the deep end and the work is really inspiring to see. There are also quite a few families taking part which is great. We've done several still lifes and I've just managed to get a chance to post the one above onto my site for sale. Click on the image for the link to the site.

Thanks to Steve Carter for the photo of the new lambs above.I ’m also just uploading some new cards to the website so, in case people are running low on cards, here's the info! The cards are 4 for £11 or 8 for £20 including free postage to UK. You can also buy 3 or less with £1 for p and p to UK. Hoping to get the new designs for this summer sorted in the next few weeks as well. If you have any suggestions for images or local views that you would like to see cards let me know. Click on the sheep card to the left to link to the cards on the website.

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