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December dawns

In fact I know , December is half way through already! But what I was referring to are the beautiful red skies we’ve had over Liatach in the mornings this last week. ( photo below) As always at this time of year the days are short, the sun is low when it makes an appearance and the contrasts are stark. This will start to feed into my work but it seems to take a weeks for me to absorb the changes.

Recently I’m finding it a bit of a challenge working in the studio, due to me being incredibly untidy and very busy in there. I must try to get some sort of order in there as it’s almost impossible to fit anyone else in and Ezra ( dog ) is a bit put out to say the least. I’m working on several different pieces at once allowing work to dry and settle both on the canvas and in my head. I’m working on a very large watercolour at the moment which is exciting. The paper is about 1.5m x 1m and having that amount of space to push the liquid around Inn is very liberating. I’ve also done some tiny oils about 15cm x 10cm, there’s one below of the stormy seas we had a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t made enough time to put all the work up my website but must get on to that! I have made some gift vouchers up for sale through the website though. As an experiment, we’ll see how they work out.

Hope you all have a restful time over the holidays.


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